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  • What is your favorite color, and why?"
    I love the color teal because I think it’s beautiful and calming.
  • What is your favorite animal, and why?"
    My favorite animal is the penguin because they are loving and committed to their families and communities. Penguins can work through extreme challenges, which is a reminder not to give up when things are hard!
  • How did you learn to write?
    I always remember the importance of practice. It’s like playing a sport—the more you do it, the better you will be if you look for/fix your mistakes, focusing on growth, and continue to learn. I also joined some professional writing organizations (Florida Writers Association and the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators). These groups have conferences, webinars, and newsletters that give helpful tips and information to writers. Lastly, I’m part of a critique group. We read each others’ stories and give feedback, which has been super helpful.
  • If you could live in a book, which would you choose?"
    I would live in Wonderland (from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland) because it’s such a strange and magical place where anything is possible. I’d be curious to find out what it’s like to attend a mad tea party!
  • Did you go to a special school to learn how to write?
    I did not go to a special school to write. However, there was a lot of writing in college, so I had tons of practice.
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