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Me in a few sentences 

I am a teacher and a mother of a little boy named Gabriel. Gabriel is my inspiration. I was born and raised in Maryland in a city very close to Washington, D.C. When I got older, I spent some time traveling around the world and even taught in Casablanca, Morocco. I am very curious and love to learn new things. I didn’t start writing seriously until later in life—at age 30—but now I can’t imagine not writing!

Why I Write


I love the power of creation. It’s such a thrill to watch a story go from just a thought to a finished written piece. I also try to weave in some of the lessons I’ve learned from children. As a teacher, I know adults can learn a lot from kids if we only pay attention. Children have such a unique perspective of the world, and it’s refreshing to see things through their eyes. My stories are an attempt to do so.

My Favorite Books and why


Because I’m a children’s author, I’ll focus on my favorite children’s books (though adults can also enjoy these). I love “What the Road Said,” written by Cleo Wade and illustrated by Lucie de Moyencourt. I still get chills reading this book because the message is so beautifully written and applies to everyone regardless of age. The story has a reassuring message which serves as a reminder that even though we may feel lost or scared, the best thing to do is keep going. One book that has greatly influenced me as a writer is “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll, which is a book that is very dear to my heart. The characters in the story are unforgettable, and the whimsical feel of it is so enjoyable. One of Alice’s most apparent character traits is her sense of curiosity. I also write about curious children because I think it’s so important to wonder. Wondering opens up the door to discovery. Lastly, I adore the book “The Big Box” by Toni Morrison and illustrated by Slade Morrison. The story is about how adults expect children to be a certain way, and when kids don’t live up to those expectations, adults tend to put them in a box (in the story, it’s a literal box) because they “can’t handle their freedom.” As a teacher, I’ve used this book in the classroom, and it has opened the door to some fascinating discussions.

My Writing Process


My first draft is all about letting the thoughts flow onto paper (or computer screen). I try not to second guess anything that rises to my mind during the first draft—it’s almost like a stream of consciousness. Once the first draft is complete, I let it sit and don’t look at it for at least a day. Then I revise and edit over and over until I feel like I have it about where I want it to be. 

Professional & Literary Affiliations: 

Florida Writers Association, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, 12X12 Picture Book Challenge

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